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We believe that TikTok is the next leading social media platform of the years to come.

An opportunity you can’t miss.

Due to constant declining organic growth on other social media platforms it’s nearly impossible for your business to generate awareness or build a following. 

Advertising costs are skyrocketing to a point where it becomes hard to be profitable (without even mentioning tracking issues), and the platforms are failing to make the new generation consistently use and visit their platform, making it harder for you to build something for the future. 

TikTok solves all of these problems.

TikTok is built for showing users the content that they love to see, no matter who the creator is or who they are following, making the users addicted to keep on consuming content.

Therefore the TikTok algorithm makes it possible for everyone to build a following through creative and valuable short form video.

Advertising costs are lower than any other social media platform out there, and the audience spending time on the platform are no longer just kids, but anybody ranging between 12-34. 

TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform of the past years and the new generation is way more involved on TikTok than anywhere else. 

With the platform still being relatively new, now is the time to make your brand future proof. 

Gain a lot of organic growth (views & followers), claim an authority position before your competitors do, and make use of the cheap advertising possibilities to skyrocket your business. 

No time to waste… TikTok. 

Still have doubts if TikTok is the right choice for your business?

Our "No Time To Waste" model.

For TikTok growth

The past 5 years we have created content to massively grow brands on YouTube, while using influencers and paid advertising to skyrocket businesses on Instagram and Facebook.

We created the perfect team and skill sets to rapidly grow brands on TikTok, without even knowing. As if we were preparing for the future. 

We realised that all of these skill sets are key in driving massive results on TikTok in the fastest and most effective way possible and therefore created the No Time To Waste model for TikTok growth hacking:

We use the power of creating valuable, relatable  and attention grabbing content to gain fans for your brand in combination with influencers/creators to gain extra awareness and credibility.

The next step is to combine your TikTok native content and credibility with (inexpensive) paid advertising to drive sales for your business and grow your following as fast as possible.

The 4 pillars of our No Time To Waste model, concepting, content creation, influencer marketing and paid advertising will turn the new generation into customers and fans of your brand in no time. 

Claim your industry position now the platform is still relatively ‘new’, before somebody else does…

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Years of Marketing Experience

aidem agency is an official TikTok partner based in Amsterdam.

What we are

Our team consists of young professionals that speak the language of TikTok and have expertise in content concepting, content creation, influencer/creator marketing and paid advertising. We have an outstanding track record in growing brands and managing complicated projects on a global scale.

We are pure hearted and data driven with a radical growth and no-nonsense mindset about becoming the #1 TikTok agency in the world. aidem is not just your average agency. We are a brand of our own, building a legacy with a story. 

You can expect us to work on your business’s goals like it’s our own. Going the extra mile and having fun while doing so is in our DNA.

Strategy & Concepting

We create your content (strategies) to communicate your brand message and values, while speaking the language of the youth and providing value to their daily lives to turn your ideal audience into followers and potential customers. 

Content Creation

Your content will be created in such a way that it grabs people’s attention and drives them towards action.

Influencer & Creator Marketing

Your brand will earn extra awareness, trust and credibility  in no time by attaching familiar/trusted faces on the platform.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising will speed up the process to gain underpriced attention, followers and sales within your desired target audience through data driven decision making.

Ready to work together?

aidem agency

We are pure hearted and data driven with a radical growth and no-nonse mindset about becoming the #1 TikTok agency in the world. Aidem is not just your average agency. We are a brand of our own, building a legacy with a story.

Official TikTok Partner
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